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This page is all member tips, experience, excel files, website adress, running shop in mascat (where to buy gel...)

So not hesitate to give back your information in order to fill this page with all your knowledge...  Runner’s World is America’s mecca for running information. It provides an array of interesting articles about virtually every element about running including: 5k and 10k training plans, pace workouts and charts, half-marathon training plans , marathon training plans, strength training/cross training, and so much more. If you have any minor or major questions about running, this is your website!RunnersWorld is a truly great website.  They have a killer injury prevention section, great forums, cool blogs, and tons of information about training.  As a matter of fact, whenever I have a running question, I Google “RunnersWorld + [Question].”  It’s that good! This is a must-follow blog for beginners and seasoned runners alike. It has a ton of great articles, nutrition tips, and training plans for all levels and distances. My favorite feature is the pace calculator that eliminates the math and guessing from knowing your paces. CoolRunning, like RunnersWorld, is a great general resource website for runners.  The crown jewel of CoolRunnings is easily the Couch to 5K program, which is probably the most widely recommended 5K program for beginners.  This program will take anyone to a 5K (3.1 miles) distance in just 9 weeks – so what are you waiting for?!  Anyone and everyone who’s active (not just a runner) should check out Active for tons of resources about training and staying healthy.  The website is full of great articles with helpful information.  However, Active is best for finding local races.

 Complete Running Network: It’s called “Complete” Running Network for a reason. This comprehensive blog offers a plethora of tips involving: training, gear, reviews, injury assessment, and beginner runners. As a newbie, check out their article 100 Beginner Running Tips.

 Running and Rambling: In addition to top-notch product and gear reviews, this blog features race reports, photo tours, general training discussions, and “occasional assorted nonsense”. Authored by a recreational athlete, father, and barefoot aficionado, this blog will undoubtedly pique your interest.

 Flotrack: Flotrack is basically a YouTube for runners. It contains videos of workouts, interviews, race reviews, articles, pictures, and athlete blogs. If you’re keeping up with the 2012 Olympic Trials Marathon, check out these videos. Runner beware: this site is highly addictive and motivating!

Kids Running: a great website for the little runners! Features some great information about how to train safely and properly as a youngen!

Scott’s Blog: On and Off the Trails: If you haven’t heard of ultra-marathoner Scott Jurek, you’re missing out! Dubbed” Hero of Running” by Runner’s World Magazine, Jurek is a true competitor, ambassador, and inspiration in the sport. His blog features a plentiful variety of stories, tips, and insights. Definitely a great blog if you’re looking for motivation or interesting read!  Want to know all the details about a race before you sign up?  Then check out!  With real reviews from other athletes on races and triathlons all over the country, is a great way to figure out whether a course is hilly, how big the crowds are, where the best water stations will be situated, and other insider tips.  You can also post your own race reviews (I usually just copy and paste my race recaps to so other people can easily find out more about those events).  This is like a Facebook for runners. If you’ve participated in a race of any kind, chances are your results are on this website. All you have to do it “claim” your results, set up an account, and Wa-Bam! You’re ready to become part of a network of 216,000 runners nationwide. .  You can search for anyone and see how they’re doing with their training.  Frenemy and ex-boyfriend stalking may now commence. : List of apps for your mobile phone. Running has never been more fun thanks to a wide variety of mobile apps you can use on a smartphone or other mobile device. These apps help you track your progress, set goals, and even turn your exercise into fun games.